For the last forty years, the name of Apple has been synonymous with innovation, creativity, prestige, and accomplishment. The term “i-phone” probably does not roll right off the tongue, but apple is in fact one of the oldest businesses to have its roots firmly planted in California. Founded in 1977 by Steve Jobs, a graduate student who worked at the now infamous Stanford University, apple quickly became one of the most popular companies in the country, selling over 40 different products. Jobs led the charge in the innovation department by dreaming up the revolutionary product that changed the way we used our mobile phones.


Apple Computers, or more accurately, their groundbreaking product the apple iPod, has become a cultural phenomenon. Every aspect of life has been touched by the company’s products, including music and business. Today, the company is the world’s largest seller of computers and has generated billions of dollars in revenue. In fact, recent estimates place their second largest market share, behind only Microsoft, for computers.

Apple’s success has also touched the world of business in many different ways. First of all, they pioneered the modern computer industry with the introduction of the apple i-phone. Although it did not receive the success that they had hoped for, the product did introduce the concept of the smart phone. Soon after that, other companies jumped on the bandwagon, creating new technologies that would take advantage of Apple’s market position and strong reputation. Right now, the company is a powerhouse in the personal technology field, which has resulted in them being named as the largest provider of personal computers in the world, as well as being named the world’s best known consumer electronics company.

In addition to their tremendous success, Apple has also created some amazing products that have changed the way we use our computers. One of these groundbreaking products was the apple ii, which received rave reviews from almost everyone who had a chance to try it. The best thing about the apple ii is that it combines the best of both a traditional computer and a cell phone. The user experience is improved greatly because it combines the best of the worlds into one convenient product. Instead of having to carry a separate piece of hardware, users can simply add an apple device onto their existing laptop or desktop.

Apple has even gone as far as hiring famous actors to endorse their products. Ben Affleck was an executive producer of the hit movie “omorphic”, and he is now one of the primary advertisers for the Apple brand. Another very famous celebrity who is an expert at marketing his product is Matthew McConaughey. He has a huge fan base because of his leading role as the lead character in the film. Matthew McConaughey is also a designer of many of the apple ii computers that are sold today.

Another very important figure in the history of the apple brand is Wozniak. Wozniak is considered to be an icon of the computer world. A legendary computer engineer, Wozniak invented the very first mouse on the market. Wozniak is responsible for the design of the apple mouse as well as many other computer related devices such as printers and televisions.

While many people credit Wozniak as being the genius that created the apple, other individuals have their own take on the story. Many people believe that Steve Jobs was the genius that created the apple, while others believe that Wozniak designed the apple through his own unique vision. In recent years, there has been much speculation as to who really created the apple. Many people now agree that it was Wozniak that was the true genius behind the creation of the apple. Others still hold to the belief that Steve Jobs designed the apple, but without the backing and assistance of Wozniak, it is very likely that Apple could not have existed.

Currently there is no evidence linking the true inventor of the apple with the creation of the apple iPod or the apple iPad. However, for those that are so in tune with the inner workings of technology, there is plenty of proof that they were not involved in the creation of either of these gadgets. In fact, many experts state that it was not Steve Jobs at all that created the apple, but it was the Apple corporation that implemented the idea into the design of the apple. No matter who was really responsible for the creation of the apple, one thing is for certain, the apple is the most popular, fastest selling, most innovative, most profitable company in the history of the planet Earth!