Apple Inc. is a leading American multinational technological corporation based in Cupertino, CA, which develops, manufactures, sells, and supports consumer electronic products and computer software. It’s been called one of America’s Big Five major companies by the Financial Times, among others.


Apple has become one of the most successful companies to come out of Silicon Valley, creating many jobs in the United States and abroad. Although Apple hasn’t released earnings figures, it has reportedly grown its market share by leaps and bounds over the last five years or so, with profits increasing each year. Although Apple is not publicly traded, shares are available for purchase through the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “AAPL”.

Apple is best known for its products, namely the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Macintosh computers, iTunes, Apple TV, Mac OS, iWork, iLife, iCloud, FaceTime, iBooks, Mac servers, and the Mac App Store. These products have become popular around the world, including in the United States, which has led to Apple having offices in London, Tokyo, Vancouver, and Seoul. However, the majority of its business is carried out in Cupertino and Sydney. In addition to manufacturing the Apple products themselves, Apple also contracts their manufacturing to third-party companies.

In addition to the product range, Apple is also known for its innovative, consumer-oriented advertising campaigns. The company runs advertising campaigns such as “Think Different,” “Welcome to the Mac,” and “Who made the Mac” among others. The campaigns are designed to provide consumers with a sense of humor, with the aim of making customers feel at home with the products they use.

Apple was originally founded in 1976 by two computer enthusiasts, Jobs and Wozniak. The company was initially sold just to cover the cost of operating a personal computer store, however sales soon increased to the point where it began to expand into other markets. It then sold its Macintosh computer to Adobe Systems for a large sum of money and began selling its Apple I personal computer, which was designed by Wozniak. at a later date.

Apple also developed the Personal Computer, which was a success. This was followed by the Macintosh Portable and Apple II, both of which were huge successes. The Apple III, an enhanced version of the Apple II, was released in 1983.

The Apple II was superseded by the Apple III, which was released to great acclaim by consumers and reviewers alike, as it incorporated more memory and speed and was equipped with printers. The original Apple II was replaced with the Apple Lisa in 1998.

Apple has numerous products in the manufacturing sector, including the iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Macintosh computers, iPod, iPhone games, iWork and iLife, iWork Pages, iPad printers, Mac hardware, MacBooks, iPod docks, iPods, iPhone accessories, Apple Watches, the Apple Watch, MacOS, iWork Software, iWork Server, iLife Developer, MacBook, and iTunes. A complete list of the company’s products can be found on their website. In addition, there are additional products that Apple makes that can be purchased on the World Wide Web such as games, applications, games consoles, printers, game consoles, gaming consoles, digital cameras, digital music players, home theater systems, iPods, software applications, networking products, and other peripheral products.

When it comes to business, Apple manufactures software, hardware, and internet products. The company is one of the most successful companies in the world and has been since its founding.

For the second year, Apple is being awarded with “Best Overall Innovation” at the prestigious annual Edison Awards. Apple is being honored for their continued innovations, and contributions to the advancement of computer technology.

The company has many awards and recognitions to its credit, including the prestigious Mercury and Oakley and the prestigious Order of Merit and has been named one of the 100 Best Small Businesses by Fortune. For more information, please visit the Apple site.