Apple Inc. is a giant American multinational technology firm based in Cupertino, CA, which develops, manufactures and sells personal computers, software applications, and internet-based services to consumers worldwide. It is frequently referred to as among the Big Five technology companies, along with Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.


Apple is a privately held corporation that was started by three MIT graduates in 1975. Since its inception, Apple has grown rapidly from its humble beginnings and it has become one of the most popular brands in the world. Apple’s product portfolio consists of products for consumers, business users, and professionals alike.

Apple was one of the first companies to manufacture personal computers, which are now considered very popular among consumers. One of the most popular types of Apple products is the Macintosh, which is also the largest selling personal computer of all time. Apple makes its money in several different ways, but its main source of revenue is from the sale of computers. Apple has a lot of loyal customers, many of whom have purchased the Mac in order to use it as a home computer or for business use.

Apple makes its name known all over the world through its innovative and popular electronic devices such as the iPod and the iPhone. The iPod has become extremely popular among consumers, who have made it as one of their daily gadgets. The iPhone, on the other hand, is becoming one of the most sought after gadgets in the world, thanks to its revolutionary features and high quality display.

Apple has also released some interesting peripherals such as the Game Boy and the Nintendo DS. Other interesting Apple products include the iBooks, iTunes Music Store, iWork, iMovie, iWork Pages, iWork Keynote and several other applications such as iMovie. Apple is a very proud owner of the best-selling iPod, which is still ranked as the top selling music device in the world today.

Apple’s goal for its business is to provide great customer satisfaction and customer service to its loyal customers. Apple is known for providing innovative technology that can enhance the enjoyment of its customers, while also providing them with the most advanced and convenient way to enjoy their entertainment needs. In addition, Apple provides customers with a wide array of attractive products that are designed in attractive and eye-catching and appealing designs.

Apple has been sued more than a few times over the years over issues regarding patent infringement and intellectual property disputes. This has caused a great deal of controversy to Apple’s financial stability and reputation.

In recent years, Apple has expanded its offerings to include both new business ideas and services, as well as products that are geared toward the entertainment industry. Apple has also launched several programs and services for its customers such as iTunes, which is an application that allows consumers to download and share their favorite music and movies. It has also released the iWork suite for business users, which offers a wide range of business-related applications.

Apple has also developed some exciting games that were very popular among its loyal customers. For example, the hugely successful game, “Titan” was developed by Apple and was a massive commercial success.

In addition, Apple is currently offering iPods in the entertainment industry that are intended to serve a wide variety of purposes. One of these purposes is to serve as a portable media player. The iPods are capable of playing audio and video files. They are designed to be lightweight and small enough to be worn in your purse or pocket while you travel and take along in your luggage.

iPods also provide a wireless connection capability so that they can be used on the go. While the iPod does not connect to any network, you will be able to receive calls and play music or listen to music on the same day you download it.

Apple is well known for its great and popular products, and has also been one of the leaders in the information technology industry for many years. In the past few years, Apple has released some incredible products including the iPad, the first tablet PC, the iPod, and the revolutionary MacBook.