Apple was established by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with the goal of creating the personal computer that would change the world. Steve Jobs was working as a consultant for Xerox in California when he met Wozniack, a programmer who became one of the company’s top executives. Woz would later go on to form the NRE Corporation (which he founded). Jobs, Steve Wozniack, and Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, formed the Apple Company in 1976.


The three men had long been interested in computers and wanted to develop them into mass market products. At the time, they were still in college, so they used their own college funds to hire engineers who would design the hardware for the Apple II, the first Apple. The Apple II had a mouse to provide a graphical user interface; it also included a built-in programming language called BASIC.

Computers, of course, had a lot to do with the development of Apple as well. They wanted a simple and inexpensive way to store data, so they created the floppy disk. Jobs and Woz made it a point to get the Apple II and its software, which they hoped would be so inexpensive that they could afford to produce a product that was not only cheap but powerful enough to compete with the personal computers of the time.

In addition, the Apple II was one of the first personal computers to include a keyboard and a monitor. The early Macintosh had both but the Apple II was the first one to combine the two. The Mac was also the first to use a monitor that was larger than the standard monitor of the time.

After the Apple II’s release, the Macintosh took the industry by storm. It was quickly followed by the Apple III, then the Macintosh Plus and the Macintosh Mini. It was the original machine that introduced the Internet and the Apple Store. The Macintosh also provided the developer with the facility of developing games and applications to be able to sell through the Store.

Software sales through the store would often exceed the company’s expectations, especially for programs that were new. It soon became popular to develop these software programs independently so that it would become available for as many people as possible to download, with an agreement of purchase being required for each individual download. As a result, the store became more popular and the software was becoming more popular.

As the company grew, it became more difficult to find the software for the Apple II. Because of this, Apple changed the name from Apple Computers to Apple Incorporated.

After the Macintosh was released, people wanted to make their own computers, so a group of engineers called Apple Computers and Software came together. This group managed to convince Apple Incorporated to release the Apple IIgs, so people could make their own computers.

The Apple IIg was designed for people who were familiar with the Macintosh. It was a more powerful version of the Apple II. It used a 6502 microprocessor, which was much faster than the 6501 microprocessor that had been used in the earlier machine.

Because the Apple IIg was not compatible with the operating system that was present on the Macintosh, it was developed by a different group. This group called Apple Programming Systems. The software was a port of the software that was already available on the Macintosh, called Macintosh OS.

The Macintosh was released by Apple in June 1984. It was so successful that the company was able to increase its market share from thirty percent to eighty percent by the end of the year.