Apple Incorporated is a very large multinational corporation based in Cupertino, CA, which manufactures, sells and distributes computer hardware, software, and internet services. It’s considered among the Big Tech companies, along with Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Its primary product categories include computers, music, television, iPods, iPad, iPhone, Macs and iPod Touch. They’ve been known for their innovative products, however they’ve also been known for taking their fair share of criticism from critics and enthusiasts alike.


The Apple’s first foray into the consumer electronics market was with their Apple I and Apple II. Though it was successful in the beginning, the company soon fell on hard times after the introduction of their iPod and iPhone products. They also suffered from declining revenues as the competition began to ramp up. In short, Apple’s fortunes have been declining over the past few years, despite the fact that it continues to churn out new products and innovate in other areas.

In recent years, Apple has been focusing its attention on entertainment devices such as iPods and Apple TV. Though the iPhone is also a popular tool, Apple has not been able to gain the same level of fame or fortune that it has had before. This is mostly attributed to the fact that many consumers have become desensitized by iPhones to the point where they are willing to forgive any flaws or defects in the product rather than purchase it.

Although this is true, it’s not the only reason Apple’s company’s earnings are still robust. The company is extremely innovative, both technically speaking and in their marketing strategies. Because of this, they have managed to maintain their reputation as the company that never seems to run out of ways to improve their products and services.

One of their innovations that can’t be denied is the iPhone. While some argue that it’s just another way for Apple to get rich, the truth is that the iPhone is the company’s first attempt to take their success to the next level and go global, providing consumers around the world with a cell phone that can communicate with them in real time.

Apple’s marketing efforts are also commendable, especially compared to many other companies in the industry who haven’t been so active in promoting their products and services. Apple has made their advertising budget available to organizations like the Redbox, AT&T, Netflix, and Verizon Wireless.

Although successful partnerships like these have been proven beneficial to Apple, it’s also important to remember that there are some negative sides to the company. For instance, it’s often said that their products, especially the iPod Touch, have not been successful due to their reliance on iTunes for downloads. Many consumers don’t want to download hundreds of songs for a single gadget that will never have the ability to play everything they have on it.

The truth of the matter is that though the iPhone has had a lot of positive aspects, it’s also been the cause of some of its problems. It’s also been the cause of some of the negativity surrounding the company.

One reason that many people dislike Apple is the price of their products. Most people who have an iPhone tend to spend more on it in order to keep up with the latest in technology.

On the other hand, many consumers who do not own an iPhone have a very positive opinion about Apple’s products, primarily because of their popularity. They say that Apple’s products are the best and that they would never go anywhere else.

However, it’s important to remember that Apple’s products aren’t perfect. They have their drawbacks as well. When you hear someone complaining about an issue they have with one of their products, it’s usually because it’s either a design flaw or a manufacturing problem.

In general, the company is known for being extremely innovative. In order to continue to keep their consumers happy, they need to constantly try to improve the product and to give them a reason to love it again.