A common question of the tech enthusiast is which is the best computer in the market; with so many brands in the market, which is the best Apple product? For many people, an Apple product is the only way to go. Since it started, there have been no substitutes until now. The iPhone and iPad from Apple are unique products in terms of user interface, content delivery protocol, applications, and mobile web browsing capabilities. Apple Incorporated is an American multi-billion dollar company based in Cupertino, California, which designs, manufactures and sells personal computer applications, consumer electronics, digital television hardware, networking hardware, wireless phones, digital camera products, music devices, digital signage equipment, video systems, handheld net books, GPS/Global Positioning System components, consumer electronic appliances, home appliance and electrical supplies, medical equipment, office appliances, toys, electronic games, iPod, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPod Classic, iPad mini, iPhone accessories, Apple iPod video, and TV programs. In total, Apple has established its own brand of exceptionalism in the tech industry.


Jack Gold, founder of the influential Silicon Valley blog TechCrunch, gives an in depth analysis of Apple’s recent product announcements. “After reading the newest devices announcement, I see that Apple is still going for a massive share of the smartphone market, but they’re also going after the mid-range and large smart phone markets. The iPhone and iPad offer the ideal mix of a smartphone and tablet computer in one device,” he states. “It’s clear that Apple wants to make their product lineup more personal – they’ve indicated that they’re going to ditch the need for a keyboard/cover on the iPhone in favor of a touch screen. They’ve also indicated that they’re considering doing away with the headphone jack.”

In an interview with Time Magazine, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO said, “I would say we are still in the early days of this company. We are still learning a lot about how to develop a great product. Right now, we are focused on being the best company that builds the best products in the mobile space. Our goal is not to become the largest company in the world, but to be the largest company in terms of market share.”

If you take a look at the new Apple devices, you will notice a marked difference from the older models. The iPod is getting a serious overhaul. It no longer uses the flash technology seen on previous iPod models. Instead, it uses the USB technology for data downloads. It has the same basic operating system as the iPhone, but is packaged in a separate case. While the iPod mini was discontinued, the larger iPod touch now features a larger display, better keypad, larger buttons, faster processors, better cameras, higher resolution screens, greater storage space, more accessible apps, and a host of other user experience improvements.

Apple has also developed a brand new machine called the apple ii, which is designed to improve upon the functionality of its existing products. Many people believe the creation of this new machine was geared towards creating a smaller version of the iPod, which would then meet the needs of the younger generations. In this case, the apple is actually replaces the existing apple iPod. But, this is just one possibility. Another interesting development with the new devices, is that it seems as though they are emulating technologies found in their competition’s devices.

One such example is the code, which Steve Wozniak states “is similar to what the apple manufacturers have done in their own devices”. Steve Wozniak went on to state “we are always trying to improve the user experience”. He went on to discuss the xCode, which will allow “app developers to write software applications that run on the iPhone and iPad”, which in fact is very much like what we see with the Blackberry. This latest development in the computer industry, is very exciting to me. I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2021.