Apple MacBook Versus Apple iPad

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Apple was first launched in 1977 by a man called Steve Jobs. He had decided to sell Apple’s first product rather than create it himself. This was a risky move as many people doubted that he could succeed in the highly competitive field of personal computers. However, he received a lot of positive feedback from the public and the sales figures were very encouraging. His confidence paid off and he went on to launch several more products including the Mac.

The Mac Macintosh is based on the IBM-PC design. The laptop computer of today is based on the Mac Desktop. However, the design of the Apple iS different to that of the Apple iBook, hence leading to a confusion as to which one of the two is the real thing. Many people confuse the Apple iBooks with the apple iiS and vice versa. While there may have been a bit of confusion surrounding the Apple iBook, the apple iiS has its own unique selling features.

One of the biggest differences between the Apple iBook and the apple iiS is the price. The apple iiS is not the Apple iBook in terms of cost. This is primarily because of the fact that it does not have the same technology as the apple iBook. In fact, the apple iiS is the real alternative to the Apple iBook. The apple iiS uses the same kind of technology that is used in the Apple laptops. The difference lies in the price – the apple iiS is a mid-budget device whereas the apple MacBook is an expensive device with a high market value.

The second major difference between the Apple MacBook and the apple iiS is in terms of user experience. The apple MacBook uses the Apple OS X operating system, whereas the apple iiS uses the Linux OS. This is important as users prefer Apple’s OS X operating system as it feels more secure, reliable and modern. On the other hand, Linux users feel more comfortable using the BSD operating system.

The third difference between these devices is their hardware design. The Apple MacBook uses the standard components such as the A4 and the LCD screen. However, the apple iPad uses the aluminum “uni-body” and the silicon valley mini-base components. While these components are quite bulky and heavy, the iPad is considered by many as a miniature tablet PC or mobile phone. The Apple iPad has many advantages over the other products. The large size of the device, the multi-touch support, the large screen, the media sharing possibilities and the user friendliness of the product are among the top reasons for which it is considered as a better option than the iPhone.

In general, the differences between the Apple MacBook and the apple iPad can be classified as follows – the MacBook relies on the hardware found in desktop computers but the apple iPad relies on the same hardware found in most of the latest electronic personal computers. The choice depends on the application that the user chooses to use on the Apple MacBook. However, the two personal computers differ in terms of the graphical user interface, application compatibility, speed, reliability and storage space.