The Apple Mac is a lineup of personal computers manufactured, designed, and sold by Apple Incorporated as a trademarked brand name. The Mac initially became a market leader in the personal computer market because of its unique user friendly operating system that ran on a mainframe in the early days of the Mac product. A major advancement in the Mac product line was the addition of a browser to the Mac operating system that has been responsible for its tremendous success. Since its release, there have been many upgrades made to the Mac product line including the Mac mini, the iMac, and the iPrinter. These newer Mac models continue to be sold in the marketplace to this day.

Apple is not the only manufacturer of computers in the world but they are one of the biggest names in the industry. Compaq, Gateway, Dell, Toshiba, HP, and Sony all sell computers of various lines. There are many great manufacturers of computers in the world today but none is able to maintain the same level of popularity that Apple holds. For this reason, the Apple Mac still is one of the most popular and commonly purchased home computers in the United States today.

The Apple Mac is sold under several different lines such as the Mac mini, the Mac Pro, the iMac, and the Macintosh. Each line of Apple computers has a great many different attributes and they are all used for totally different purposes. This means that each Mac will be great for a different type of computer user.

The Apple Mac mini is great for users that do a lot of web surfing and for whom the computer needs to be mobile. This computer is small and is capable of being carried around. It is powered by the same internally installed Intel processor as the Mac mini. This type of computer is also inexpensive when compared with other types of computers on the market. It has a standard sized keyboard and a display that are quite small and clear. This computer can also be used for word processing and for running a variety of spreadsheet applications.

The Apple Mac Pro is the most popular and powerful of the Apple Mac computers. It is powered by an Intel processor and has a hard drive that is capable of storing large amounts of information. This computer is also available in several different colors and is great for professionals that use graphics-intensive programs and for anyone that wants the ultimate computer power for a laptop. It is expensive when compared with other types of laptops but is well worth the cost.

The most recent addition to the Apple Mac line is the iMac. This computer was designed especially for those people who use a lot of graphic design applications on their computer. This is one of the least expensive computers on the Apple Mac computer line and it is powered by an Intel processor. This computer is about the same size as the older iMac and it has all of the same features as the older models.

The third member of the Apple Mac computer family is the mini-Mac. This is a smaller version of the regular Apple computer. The mini Mac can fit easily into a bag and is great for those that need a smaller computer for travel or to use at a business meeting. This computer runs on a lower voltage and has a screen that is similar to that of a laptop.

These three computers are part of the Apple Mac line of computers. Apple makes these computers so that individuals can have the latest technology at a price that most people can afford. If you are in the market for a new computer you should check out Apple and see what they have available. You will not regret your decision when you see how much technology you can get for a reasonable price.