Apple Inc. is a privately held American multinational business corporation based in Cupertino, CA, which manufactures, markets and sells personal electronic devices, computer software and internet services. It’s considered to be one of the largest Big Tech companies, along with Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo! The company has grown over the years and is now one of the biggest brands in the world. The name “apple” comes from a company named Apple Computer and its founder was Steve Jobs. The iPhone was first introduced by Jobs to the public at the 2020 Macworld Expo in San Francisco.


Apple was a pioneer in the market of personal computers when it introduced the Apple II. It’s been around since the 1970’s, and has expanded its business into peripherals such as iPods, cameras, printers, video game systems, cellular phones and other devices. It’s become one of the most popular brands in all of personal technology.

Apple is known for having a long-standing reputation for its products. The iPhone is one of their most popular products, as well as its line of Macbook computers. It also produces iPod and iPad products. They have also been associated with the creation of games such as the famous Game Boy.

The company has several manufacturing facilities throughout the world. They have factories located in China, India, Malaysia, Russia and South Africa. Apple employs over a hundred thousand people and has offices located throughout the world.

The name “Apple” is derived from a company called Apple Computer. Steve Jobs was its founder and he was later succeeded by Steve Wozniak.

Apple has been linked to some of history’s greatest inventors and scientists. It was said that Jobs had a great influence on the design of the Apple I and the early Apple II.

The Apple I was one of the earliest graphical user interfaces (GUI) and also one of the very first personal computers that had a built in monitor. The Apple II was also considered to be one of the first computers ever produced.

Apple was also the creator of the Lisa personal computer, an electronic textbook that was meant for college students. It also sold the first digital camera and also invented the mouse.

The name “Apple” is derived from a company called Apple Computer. Steve Jobs was its founder and he was later succeeded by Steve Wozniak.

Apple was once a leading maker of musical instruments, but it no longer manufactures these. Today it is more commonly known for its iPod music players and other media devices.

Apple has a very rich history. In fact, many of its greatest products have been released in its 40th year anniversary year.

Apple’s success and popularity have led to other companies trying to duplicate the product. Many of these companies have failed, however.

Apple’s success has led to the company being ranked as the third best selling brand in the world. This is due to the wide variety of products that it manufactures.

Apple makes an extremely popular computer and it has become a household name in a relatively short time. This is because of the innovative software that is used in many of its applications. One example of this is the Mac operating system.

Apple also offers a number of different types of printers. Some of the most popular are the iBook, the Powerbook, the iMovie, the Airbook, the iPod, the Powerbook Duo, the Probook and the ClassicBook. These products were all produced for a relatively short period of time.

Apple has become very successful in the consumer electronics market. This is largely due to the fact that it has managed to create some products that actually are useful. and are actually beneficial to many people.

Apple is one of the most well-known brands in the world and is responsible for much of the innovation in personal computers. Many people feel that the company is one of the most important in the technology industry.