Apple Incorporated is an American multi-national technology firm headquartered in Cupertino, California, which designs, develops, manufactures, and sold consumer electronic goods, including personal computers, laptop computers, televisions, digital music devices, digital video discs, and wireless personal area networks. The company was founded by the legendary entrepreneur Steve Jobs in 1985. Since its humble beginning, Apple has grown to become one of the most recognized brands in the world.


Wozniak worked for Apple as a computer hardware engineer while earning his formal education at the University of California at Berkeley. After graduation, he obtained a position with Hewlett Packard as a systems engineer. Later, he went on to work for Digital Equipment Corporation as a computer technician before establishing his own business, namely, Wozniak Electronics. His original intention was to open an Apple store on the streets of San Francisco, but he eventually decided to develop the Mac operating system.

At the time, the Mac still lagged behind the Windows PC in terms of speed and popularity. Despite this, Wozniak made great strides toward making the Mac more attractive to the multimedia community. He designed the Mac interface to be easier to use, using a familiar graphical user interface (GUI). This new approach made it easier for multimedia professionals to produce videos and animations for the Apple computers. In addition, the Mac offered better performance for its users than the Windows PC because of its faster CPU and greater memory capacity.

Consequently, the demand for Apple Macintosh computers quickly grew to phenomenal heights. Wozniak knew that to keep up with the increasing demands, Apple had to expand their product lines with innovative products. He therefore designed the Mac interface and produced the first Mac computer, the Apple Mac, in combination with a new personal computer, the iMac. The new product line included both a laptop and a desktop, along with all the peripherals that you would find on an Apple machine.

Apple Computers also produced the iPod, which was a huge hit, based on the song by the artist Beyonce Knowles and her group the Destiny’s Child. The popularity of the iPod, and its association with the music industry, led to additional lines of Apple Macintosh computers being sold to the general public. Consequently, Apple’s sales increased tremendously, bringing in revenues sufficient to pay for the creation of new Mac software products, like the iWork, iBook and the Power Point presentations. Consequently, Apple Computers received increased royalty checks for the technology that they themselves had developed. Consequently, the Apple Mac and its line of personal computers are among the most successful of all the Apple products.

In 1998, Apple Computers received yet another major coup when they purchased the digital health care startup called Neato. Neato was at the time the leading provider of computerized patient medical record systems. As part of a marketing move aimed at wooing healthcare providers to use their system, Neato bought a majority stake in Apple Computers. Neato is now one of the most successful companies in the field of electronic health records.

The personal computer and its corresponding Macintosh software products have achieved incredible success since their introduction. Apple Computers have long been renowned for their amazing durability, reliability and excellent performance. The Macintosh computers offer users an extremely powerful processing power. The Apple range of computers also provides extremely long warranties that cover all hardware components, as well as extended warranty services to cover repair costs for clients that require extended warranty services. Apple Care can also be activated in the event that your personal computer breaks down.

Apple Computers is sold by a large number of private, retail stores throughout the world. These include some of the best computer brands available. One of the reasons that Apple Computers is so popular is that it combines style with quality, making it one of the most popular brands in the personal computer industry. Apple even makes special editions of its products to suit particular tastes. The newest version of the Apple operating systems, Tiger, is already out on the market and will soon be followed by another upgrade to its operating system known as Leopard.